I have been blessed with an incredible life. It would be a crime against GOD to not do what I can with the celebrity HE’S given me to help someone else enjoy life as well. Doing charity comes natural for me. It’s nothing I am proud of, because I feel it’s our responsibility. I have been honored to have worked with so many charitable organizations over the past several years and donated my time and/or money to what I feel is a responsibility. Below are a few of the notable charities that I’ve been involved in; Magic Johnson Foundation, Joe Torry’s “Give Back the Love Foundation”, MS WALK, “Catch A Dream Foundation” (Terrell Owens), “Rays Summer Days” (Ray Lewis) Holt Foundation (Torry & Terrence Holt) , “Hitting Form the Heart” (Eric Davis) and “Hoops For Hope”. Currently I’m involved with “Hatz For Hearts” (Nicole Davis’) and “My Friend’s House Foundation” (Tiffany Rose)

Meet Tiffany Rose Founder of My Friends House LA

My Friends House LA

Watch and see what inspired this wonderful saint of a woman to live a life of giving back. We should all be inspired to make this world a better place.

Guy Torry on Skid Row

Feeding The “Homies”

Every Wednesday in downtown Los Angeles on Skid Row, we feed, clothe ,and pray for our brothers and sisters who may be having a rough time. I feel it’s our responsibility to serve!

Some Hometown Love

Hatz For Hearts

I joined Hatz For Hearts in 2014 upon learning that high school class mate from Visual & Performing Arts in St. Louis, had been a cancer survivor.
Now living in Los Angeles, she shared her story about collecting hats in St. Louis for cancer patients with me and stated that she wanted to do the same in LA. I was honored to assist her in any way I could.

After Rush Hour Comes Giving Back

Toy Drive

When I was asked to help the mayor of Los Angeles pass out Christmas toys in South Central LA to underprivileged children, it wasn’t even a second thought. As a celebrity, we have a responsibility to use it and impact others in a positive way. When I arrived, I wasn’t the only celebrity who followed that mantra.